Thursday, 11 April 2013

a little bit of chaos

Sometimes I have to remind myself to be a "glass half full" kind of girl. I guess that's how I have to look at the little bit of chaos that has erupted in my scrap room.

Packing up for our retreat weekends means my studio is turned upside down - stripped of my red metal shelves, boxes of embellishments and bins of paper. There is nowhere to put stuff. Last minute kitting means there's paper and embellishments all over the floor (and the hall, and our bed....). It means tippy-toeing through the land mine of piles.

The glass half full point of view would remember that it's also a great time to purge my stash. Clean out the things I don't use or don't want any more. We offer a Garage Sale table during our weekends so now would be an excellent time to shed some excess.

It's also a good time to evaluate how I use my space and perhaps move some things around. For a while now, I've thought I'd like to move my work table away from the wall so I could work from both sides - maybe even raise the height a little.

Good things can come from a little chaos, and a 'glass half full' kinda girl would see it just that way. {wink}

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