Sunday, 12 August 2012

Take Twelve in August

It's the twelfth of August, so that means it's 'Take Twelve' day. Have you been following along in previous posts here and here?

Check out Elizabeth's 'Take Twelve' reminder email here.

The bonus checklist for this month is food!! How fitting for the summer months - all the fresh fruits and veggies. There's no market since its Sunday but I was able to take a few shots from our potted garden in the backyard as well as the garden at the girls' school. (we have harvested quite a bit from there this summer)

I've also had my phone handy during meals today and snapped a few pics with a half eaten sandwich and yummy grilled steak.

I got desperate and took photos of my fridge and the pantry too - see my shelf of cereal below. 

It's getting late in the evening and I'm still a few photos short of 12. Guess that means we'll be having a snack before bedtime!!  {wink}


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  1. LOVE that the girls have a garden at school - how fantastic! Love the broc. photo - mostly 'cause I love broc :)