Friday, 31 January 2014

Knit, knit, purl.... repeat

I’ve been knitting since I was just knee high to a grasshopper – well, 7th Grade, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but you get what I’m sayin’. And of course they didn’t have iPads or PVR’s waaaayyy back then so there wasn’t anything to do! {wink}

The daughters of my Mom’s church friends were a few years older than me, and they were avid knitters. I saw the beautiful Icelandic Sweaters they were making and of course I wanted to make them too. My craft envy started at a young age.

I remember staying up late on school nights knitting while watching award shows and mini-series’ on TV. I remember my Mom scolding me about how I was going to be too tired to get up the next morning. But like a good book that you just can’t put down I had to complete “just one more row!” before turning in for the night. Some things never change do they? LOL!!
I made sweaters for myself; I made sweaters for boyfriends – if they stayed around and were ‘worthy’ enough. I remember travelling up north in the car; knitting the last few rows on a sweater I was going to give Steve for our first Christmas together. Of course he was sound asleep in the seat next to me so I was able to keep it a surprise. 

I didn’t knit anything for my kids, at least when they were babies – no time I guess. So there was a break, a knitting lull you could say, when my kids were little.
Then a few years ago, I saw a knitted bag one of the scrapbook ‘celebrities’ had posted on their blog. I just had to make one for myself – there’s that craft envy again. The bag was knit with 100% wool and then washed in the machine and what came out was this amazing rainbow of felted goodness. I was hooked!!
I’ve created at least 8 bags and purses since. I discovered alpaca wool while making these bags. Rich vibrant colours and the texture is fabulous. Those I haven't gifted away are living in the top of the closet of my craft studio right now in various stages of 'not finished-ness'. That little fabric flower desperately needs a button in the center ... as well as a few friends. {wink}   


I’ve knit a variety of scarves and cowl neck warmers with big fluffy thick yarn and giant buttons. These cold winter days have been the perfect weather for wearing them. I got caught up in that lacy, loopy yarn trend a year or so ago and made scarves for family and friends for Christmas. I think my Mom was disappointed she didn't get another one this year.


In the summer of 2011 when our family vacationed out west I stumbled across this little yarn shop in Tafino, BC. They had some of the prettiest yarn I’ve ever seen. I came home with a suitcase filled with it – no idea what I was going to make with it all mind you but I just had to have it. Skeins of soft red wool, a few bundles of fluffy purple and pink variegated yarn, this amazing chunky rich brown with hand felted flowers….sigh… it was wonderful. And it was a way back in a little corner of the shop that I first saw this felted bird house – I fell in LOVE instantly! In talking to the store owner I got the name of the pattern and where I could download it. I could hardly wait to get home to Ontario so I could start!

I’ve since made a dozen of these felted flower bird houses – I love the colours of the petals – I love mixing a variegated and solid yarn together to get a variation in colour. I love the way the petals droop too! And that stem! You can't really see it in the picture below but there is a little felted leaf at the end. EEEK! I just can’t get enough!!

Right now I have a cluster of these hanging on the door knob of my studio closet. They look so fun! How cool would it be to have one of these beauties hanging on the door knob to your front hall closet or powder room come spring? You could even add a little 'fake' bird peeping out if you wanted to. {smile}
I have yet to hang one outside; to see if indeed foul will flock to these hand felted lovelies; in part because we don’t have a lot of mature trees in our neighbourhood. But this spring if you happen to wander past you will see my little subdivision of floppy petalled birdhouses hanging from the branches of our Maple.
I was at my favourite local yarn shop last week and splurged on some more 'to die for' yarn. I can't wait to finish my housework at night so I can snuggle into the sofa, turn on Downton Abbey and knit a few rows before going to bed. Going to bed too late of course but the dark circles around my eyes are worth it when I open the lid to the washing machine and pull out a damp felted flower birdhouse with droopy pink petals. Nothing makes me happier! 


  1. I love the bags..great job..I love knitting and crocheting as well.

    1. We will have to include some knitting into a page layout Leanne!!